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In Loving Memory...

Yusuf Paul McCormack 

25th January 1963 – 15th January 2021


It is with great sadness that we share news of Yusuf Paul's passing.

A tremendous loss, that has sent a shock-wave that has reverberated throughout his beautiful family, the care experienced community and beyond. The out-pouring of emotion from far and wide, so very telling of Yusuf Paul’s loving, warm character, genuine nature and kind, compassionate heart; a gentle soul that so many of us had the privilege of connecting with.


For Yusuf Paul his family were his absolute world, who he loved beyond measure - His beautiful wife Sarah, and his children Kate, Oliver, Michael, Jacob and Aram; who will continue to amplify Yusuf Paul's voice, through the legacy of his creative works and the core belief that we can all #BeTheDifference as it starts with the small stuff!

It is a marker of the generous, quiet, humble individual that Yusuf Paul was that he always managed to make time for others and be so supportive in sharing his knowledge, advice and wisdom. Yusuf Paul was united with many individuals, connected by threads of lived experience, by a commitment to change for others, by a shared passion for challenging perceptions and perspectives and through the shared enjoyment of helping and supporting others, friendship, conversation, music, nature, food, humour, laughter, creativity and self-expression through the arts. Through all our passions, hopes, challenges and shared beliefs we connected with Yusuf Paul and he touched our lives. 

This space is for us all to remember and celebrate Yusuf Paul, his passion, creativity and powerful insights, to share and amplify his voice, continuing his legacy that individually we can all #BeTheDifference and that collectively we are #StrongerTogether.

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'Life is short, art is eternal' - Hippocrates

For all enquiries in respect of Yusuf Paul's artworks and publications please use the contact details below.


Artifacts - Saira-Jayne Jones


Mrs Sarah McCormack 

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