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Artist Talks

Since 2015 Yusuf has been involved in the delivery of training to foster carers, adopters, student social workers and professionals who are involved with those who are or have grown up in the care system.
He uses his lived experience to inform and talk about those area’s that others often shy away from or gloss over with an honesty and candid openness that needs to be heard.

He recently set up 'Artifacts' with another lived experienced practitioner/artist Saira-Jayne Jones ( where together they bring a creative touch delivering training, consultation, presenting, guest speaking and exhibiting

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As an exhibiting artist, Yusuf has given talks to audiences, reading his poetry and holding discussions about his art on display. The talks explore the chronological development of Yusuf's work.

He uses his own style of storytelling which enables him to engage and make connections with his audiences, offering personal narrative, anecdotes, whilst reflecting on those areas that have influenced and impacted him growing up, covering a broad spectrum of topics including social, political, historical and cultural issues.

Conversation and audience participation include the areas that have influenced his work today and how using these experiences to activate change in behaviour or attitudes.

Yusuf believes in his mantra that "I can be the difference, It feels personable and doable, making the difference always feels aspirational and to broad"..."being the difference for just one person means I've achieved what I set out to do" 

Yusuf's Talk's illustrate how he has used his engagement with the visual arts (mainly Painting) to consistently overcome personal challenges.


Many hosts have commented on his Talk's usefulness in terms of motivation, particularly those facing challenges themselves.

His delivery style is open, honest, friendly and informal and audience interjection is welcomed at any given point.

Each Talk is discussed with the host in advance in order to consider content, concerns, and the particular interests of the audience or curriculum areas needing to be addressed, if part of a formal scheme of work or project.

Please use the contact page if you would like to know more. 

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